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Meadowbank Chiropractic

Focusing on providing long consultations while incorporating chiropractic and massage

Treatment & Therapy

At Meadowbank Chiropractic we utilise many treatment strategies during your consultation to give you the best possible treatment specific to your condition. Strategies may include: manual chiropractic adjustments, mobilisations, massage, myofascial releases, cranial osteopathy, kinesiology, electrotherapies, TPT, activator, imbalance assessment, exercises and stretches. We take the time to explain the reason for each technique, which is then performed with your consent.


Assessment & Diagnosis

Your initial visit will involve the completion of a confidential patient questionnaire followed by a thorough history, examination and treatment. Your examination may involve postural assessment and spinal, neurological and orthopaedic tests. Treatment then consists of techniques focused on getting you out of pain and toward wellness and optimal health as fast as possible. 


Continued Care

By incorporating chiropractic and other modalities such as massage we provide a unique and comprehensive quality of care that delivers great results. Appointments are booked to address all areas of your condition to get you better faster.

Leg Injury

Our Story

At Meadowbank Chiropractic we guarantee an honest service. Patients are treated on their initial consultation and a recommendation of subsequent visits is discussed. Time is taken to explain your condition and advice is given for self maintenance and prevention. At Meadowbank Chiropractic we have a genuine concern for your well being and are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives and maximise your health.

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Suite 101/1 Bay Drive, Meadowbank NSW 2114

(02) 9807 1944

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